first_imgGurugram: Trying to reconstruct the scene the Gurugram police believe that there was a violent struggle between the husband and the wife that led to her receiving maximum injuries of 19 deep wounds.The investigators are making this inference on the fact that there have been some injuries found on the neck and the shoulders of Dr Prakash Singh that suggest that there has been a tussle between Komal Singh and Dr Prakash Singh. The law enforcement officials believe that the ere may have been tussle as she wanted to save her kids from being killed. 50-year-old Sonu Singh seemed to have borne the maximum pain on Sunday night when the spate of murders took place. Also Read – Bangla Sahib Gurudwara bans use of all types of plastic itemsAccording to forensic, there have been 19 injury wounds on the body of Sonu Singh. Her daughter and son have received over twelve and nine injury wounds. There are two deep wounds of being hit by an axe on the head and repeated injuries caused by stabbing that was found on the neck and stomach. According to the experts, the entire sequence of horrific events occurred between 11 to 11 pm on Sunday. According to sources the first in line to be killed was Aditi. Her body was found on the bed. After that, the doctor allegedly targeted his wife by first hitting her hard on the head and then stabbing her multiple times. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderIt is believed that in order to save himself Aditya tried to run towards the washroom but was killed before he could enter, he was the last one to be killed. There is still a mystery of whether this entire act was done in the fit of rage or was it a pre-planned attack. According to sources in Gurugram police the rope by which fifty-five-year old was done in a patient manner. Also, the sharp objects by which the murder was committed was purchased by the doctor well in advance.last_img read more