first_imgChicago prog-jam quartet Mungion is currently in the process of making their way around the country on their first nationwide headlining tour. After weathering a storm of bad luck that saw the band’s tour van and gear get stolen Mungion has hit the road as planned, and are in the process of wowing audiences and earning new fans in numbers as they keep the tour rolling.The Main Squeeze, Mungion, and More Ruled The World at Canyon Jam [Videos]The band is as tight as anyone on the road today, and owes much of that precision to intra-band communication during jams–or “Yams,” as they’re known by the Mungion guys. As guitarist Justin Reckamp explained to Live For Live Music in a recent interview, “Over here in camp Mungion, we believe that our most magical ‘yams’ happen when we are all actively listening and reacting to one another. If each person in the group is truly in the moment, then it usually happens seamlessly. Within certain sections of our tunes, we try and move together, hopefully creating different themes as a collective, and taking the music to different places from the night before. This is when the real fun begins. ‘Sticking the landing’ is something that doesn’t always happen when we’re trying to yam in the live setting, but you have to remember that even if a yam tanks, no one is going to get hurt. A huge part of it is just about falling on your face and getting back up, and hopefully learning a thing or two from the journey alone. Don’t be too quick to judge though… Sometimes what we think are bad yams are our audience’s favorite moments.”Watch Mungion rip an amazing live in-studio version of “Nuthead” and “Sloob Syndrome” from 2016’s Scary Blankets below via the band’s Facebook page:“Nuthead” “Sloob Syndrome”On Wednesday, November 15th, Mungion will make their way to Manhattan for a performance at American Beauty NYC. After the crazy up-and-down saga of the stolen tour van, and considering the tear they’ve been on during the first portion of their ongoing national tour, fans  in New York are eager to catch the Chicago quartet live when they come through the Big Apple on Wednesday, November 15th.You can purchase tickets to Mungion’s New York City performance at American Beauty here.[Cover photo via Mungion Facebook]last_img read more