first_imgWhen the Xbox One was still an always-connected console, Microsoft had a used game retail system ready to roll out. It meant selling and sharing games with others would be a managed experience rather than what we currently have with current gen consoles. With Microsoft U-turning on the feature, we will continue to have the same experience for used games on physical discs.But what about games you download? Currently you can’t resell them once purchased. With download content becoming a much bigger part of the console experience, that’s going to be a bigger issue for gamers, especially if download prices match those of physical discs.Microsoft is at least thinking about trying something a bit different with the Xbox One, though, by toying with the idea of allowing you to resell download games as part of an online marketplace.A survey Microsoft recently sent out to some users included a question that started with the following statement:For the following questions please assume that Microsoft Xbox One will offer a digital marketplace where you can purchase and sell digital video games.It then goes on to explain how such a service would require an Xbox Live Gold account in order to function, would require all transactions be carried out via Xbox Live, and can only be carried out using the console. You could sell your digital-only games, trade them for other games, and there’s even a description of variable game pricing based on the features you opt for. So maybe that means including the DLC packs or not for a used title sale.This is just a survey question and by no means something that is going to happen. However, it is clearly something Microsoft is thinking about, and to be honest, needs to think about for the future. If physical discs are going to disappear eventually, gamers will demand the ability to sell their download games when they are through playing them.Of course, I’m sure developers and publishers would be happy if used games disappeared completely instead.last_img read more