first_imgFreedom of religion and belief means the right to practise one’s belief without interference or hindrance.This is what gives rise to peaceful co-existence. Despite the fact that Gambians prayed on different days all continued to wish each other happy ‘koriteh’ and prayed for each other’s wellbeing. This praying for the wellbeing extends to the larger community to involve non-Muslims.This is what is expected of  a civilised and democratic society. It is therefore important to pay attention to what is happening in the Middle East today. No one doubts that the Qataris leadership professed to be faithful Muslims. The same goes to the Saudi leadership. What then is the basis of their antagonism? Is it religion or mundane interest?Those who want all peoples to live in peace should begin to give advice to those leaders whose countries house religious edifices that are visited by millions to try to make their countries the most tolerant and peaceful on earth.last_img read more