first_img Schedule for Jamaicans ZURICH: SHELLY-ANN Fraser-Pryce says being able to inspire others is what will keep her motivated in the run-up to the Olympic Games in Rio next year. Having won everything there is to win on multiple occasions, the diminutive sprinter would be forgiven for feeling like she has done all there is to do in the sport. However, the 28 year-old told The Gleaner that remembering where she comes from and being able to inspire others from her community is what keeps her going. “I get to inspire so many young girls and boys. I get to inspire the community where I am from and I get to do a million things that I can only do because of where I am and what I have done. “Those are the things that keep me motivated. To be able to help and give back; to be able to show the girls in my community that no matter where you are from, what matters is what you believe in and how hard you work for it. To be able to show them that you should always have faith in what you want to do.” Having achieved all of the goals set for this year, Fraser-Pryce is looking forward to taking her first-ever vacation as an athlete by heading to Africa. Rather than stepping away from athletics totally, however, the Olympian will be assisting Namibian sprinters in their quest to emulate the feats of the Jamaicans. “Two years ago, we started a programme with Namibian athletes who came to Jamaica as part of an exchange programme. “So I had always said to them that one day I would come and visit where they are from. You can really get them to try anything in Jamaica, and I really want to go and see where they are from and take in their culture.” She added: “There are two ladies with us training and things are a bit different for them. Our programme is very different from what they are used to in Namibia. So now they have been a part of our camp they see the things that we go through, especially when it comes to our facilities. It’s not the greatest, but it works for us. “I am hoping that after two years with us they will be able to send one of their sprinters to an Olympic Games, and who knows, maybe this will spark some great things for Namibians moving forward.” – J.C. 10:55 a.m: Men’s discus Jason Morgan 12:10 p.m: Women’s 100m B race Kerron Stewart, Elaine Thompson, Sherone Simpson 1:05 p.m: Women’s 400m hurdles Kaliese Spencer, Janieve Russell 1:29 p.m: Women’s 100m Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Veronica Campbell-Brown, Natasha Morrison 1:56 p.m: Men’s 200m Nickel Ashmeade, Rasheed Dwyer 2:36 p.m: Men’s 400m hurdles Annsert White 2:55 p.m: Women’s 4x100mlast_img read more