first_img3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Related Posts Tags:#enterprise#news#Products Companies use the term “cloud computing” a lot these days. Too much, really. The term is hyped to no end.So it is encouraging to see a real example of cloud computing from Alfresco Software.Alfresco is teaming with Right Scale to offer a service that allows users to scale up and down their use of Alfresco’s open-source content management software. Users pay according to how much they use the service. The service uses RightScale’s cloud management platform.How refreshing. On the lighter side of things, marketers may want to take some time to read “15 Ways To Tell It Is Not Cloud Computing,” by James Governor of RedMonk, an influential analyst firm in the tech world.Let’s use a few of Governor’s points to show how Alfresco measures up. If it takes more than ten minutes to provision… its not a cloud.Alfresco says it takes just minutes to get the service up and running. We tried it and had it going within five minutes. If there is a consultant in the room… its not a cloud.Nope. 🙂If you know where the machines are… its not a cloud.No idea.Perhaps the most important factor for us is the ability to scale or scale back when needed. That makes for a compelling use model and truly embraces cloud computing. IT + Project Management: A Love Affaircenter_img Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… alex williamslast_img