first_imgAs you sit there with your squishy human body, just know that the robots are one step closer to replacing us completely. A team of roboticists is showing off “Rex” (short for robotic exoskeleton) at the London Science Museum. Rex is entirely artificial, but he has a full suit of functional organs that could one day be used in humans.Rex has a heart that pumps artificial blood around with the aid of a battery, a dialysis machine kidney that filters the mock blood, and even synthetic retinas that relay signals to the “brain”. The face and limbs are modeled after Swiss social psychologist Bertolt Meyer, who said he was “freaked out” meeting Rex.The researchers believe that Rex is the most complete bionic man ever created — a showcase of bioengineering. The goal of this project was not to build an artificially intelligent robot, which is why Rex lacks a state-of-the-art computer in his head. This is a more superficial experiment to see how close we can get to building a replica of a human being.The team tried to replicate organic systems as closely as possible in Rex. For example, the artificial blood isn’t just an inert fluid placeholder. It can actually bind and release oxygen like red blood cells do. There is also a blood glucose sensor built into Rex that can regulate insulin levels to keep things in the green. This device is something we may actually see implanted in diabetics before too long.So maybe this technology will one day end up in real people and start saving lives. For now, it’s just the robots that are benefiting.last_img