first_imgIt’s like something out of a comic book. A former firefighter named John Buckland, with friend and colleague Troy Marcum, ran into a burning house to see if anyone needed saving. It turns out that someone did — the family’s cat, which had become trapped inside with its owners out of town. It was a heroic enough venture on its own, but these two did it with a bit of extra style; they carried out their heroics in full super-hero costume.Buckland (Batman) runs an organization called Heroes 4 Hire, which uses actors in superhero costumes to spread positive messages to kids. Buckland has been a firefighter with the army, though, and was no stranger to tense situations. When he and his coworker Troy Marcum (Captain America) saw the blaze, they immediately ran to help.Yes, the cat survived, but not without a bit of resuscitation, presumably after inhaling too much smoke. The smoke had become so thick inside that Marcum had to break a window just to clear the room enough for Buckland to enter. Once inside, it was pure luck that let the caped crusader to find the would-be victim by simply feeling around the darkened room. Yeah, maybe Batman isn’t supposed to have a Southern twang, nor is he supposed to say things like “I’ll be darned.” Still, he’s among the better real-life super heroes to emerge recently.Folks like Mr. Xtreme and Nyx often take to the streets in costumes of their own design, part of a genuinely growing trend of “real life super heroes.” They’ve been criticized for endangering people and, in a nice confirmation of the predictions in Watchmen, most police are at least reproachful of their quasi-vigilante ways, and chastise them for putting themselves in danger.Still, who could come down on Batman too hard, with a cat’s life on the line?last_img