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“Today, he said he’d take away draconian laws … and people bought into that, the team notes," "Weak!" and "Dumb" soon reached into the hundreds of occurrences Back then it still seemed novel and a little unseemly for a prominent businessman to barrel into online feuds like an angst-ridden teenager But Trumps "flame wars" succeeded at what mattered most: drawing attention As the feed became more personal it became more political Trump issued screeds about trade China Iran and even Kwanzaa And he turned President Barack Obama whom hed praised as a "champion" just a few years earlier into the most prominent of his celebrity targets launching hundreds of bombastic attacks Soon the real estate developer turned playboy turned reality show entertainer transformed again this time into a right-wing political power Here was a voice with the audacity to say what needed to be said all the better if it was "politically incorrect" Not coincidentally Trump began to use the feed to flirt with running for office directing his Twitter followers to a new website (which had actually been created by his lawyer Michael Cohen) ShouldTrumpRuncom it asked The technology gave Trump immediate feedback both validation that he was onto something and a kind of instant focus-testing that helped him hone and double down on any particularly resonant messages Resurrecting an old internet conspiracy Trump attacked not just Obamas policies but his very eligibility to serve ("Lets take a closer look at that birth certificate") The online reaction spiked Together Trump and Twitter were steering politics into uncharted territory Through social media Trump was both learning how the game was played online and creating new rules for politics beyond it All those over-the-top tweets didnt just win fans They also stoked an endless cycle of attention and outrage that both kept Trump in the spotlight and literally made him crave more and more The engineers behind social media had specifically designed their platforms to be addictive The brain fires off tiny bursts of dopamine as a user posts a message and it receives reactions from others trapping the brain in a cycle of posts "likes" retweets and "shares" Like so many of us Donald Trump became hooked on social media In the three years that followed he would personally author some 15000 tweets famously at all hours of the day and night Exactly 2819 days after his first tweet @realDonaldTrump would broadcast a vastly different announcement to an incomprehensibly different world It was a world in which nine-tenths of Americans now had social media accounts and Twitter alone boasted 300 million active users It was a world shaped by online virality and "alternative facts" And it was one in which the same account that had once informed hundreds of readers that "everybody is raving about Trump Home Mattress" now proclaimed to hundreds of millions "I am honered to serve you the great American people as your 45th President of the United States" That it had a typo showed the authenticity of @realdonaldtrump and what he would soon explain as "My use of social media is not Presidential – it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL" The story of Trumps first tweet though is not merely about the start of Trump presidency Instead it illustrates how a new kind of communications became a new kind of war Trumps quest to rebrand himself and then win the White House wasnt just a marketing or political campaign; it was also a globe-spanning information conflict fought by hundreds of millions of people across dozens of social media platforms none of which had existed just a generation earlier Not just the battlespace was novel but the weapons and tactics were too When Trump leveled his first digital barbs at Rosie ODonnell he was pioneering the same tools of influence that he would use to win the presidency and to reshape geopolitics soon thereafter Nor was Trump alone in this fight As his battle for attention and then election was taking place thousands of others were launching their own battles on social media The participants ranged from fellow politicians and celebrities to soldiers criminals and terrorists Organizations that ranged from ISIS to Russian information warriors to Chicago gangs all were at play in the same space and often using the very same tactics going after the very same targets Conflicts of popularity and perception began to merge with conflicts of flesh and blood As the stakes of these online struggles increased they began to look and feel like war This essay is adapted with permission from LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsOn 2 April several parts of the country witnessed "Bharat Bandh" spearheaded by Dalit organisations in response to the 20 March Supreme Court order that banned automatic arrests and registration of criminal cases under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 Dalit and tribal communities have historically been marginalised and oppressed due to their social location in the rigidly stratified caste system which remains rampant even today This marginalisation has been exacerbated in recent times as is evident in the burgeoning incidents of lynchings and violence against Dalit communities and an increasing number of protests as an expression of their anger and frustration Over the last few years the government has communicated to them through their policies and their lack of action in the face of the unprovoked spate of violence against them across the country that they are second-class citizens Representational image Reuters This seems to be a trend with other marginalised communities as well This dangerous political agenda seeks to detach the identity of a Muslim individual from that of an Indian attempting to marginalise them from feeling any belongingness in the country Having found them (Muslims) increasingly alienated the newfound target of the party in power seems to be the Dalit What every community needs is a strong nationwide credible leadership to pioneer their cause bring them into the mainstream and help them take ownership of the rights they are entitled to The United States is the best example of this kind of leadership The US has had a prolonged and painful history of violence discrimination and segregation and a civil warbased on slavery The institution of slavery was as entrenched widespread and oppressive as the caste system in India While India was constitutionally ahead of the US having granted equal rights to all citizens in 1950 when the Constitution came into force the establishment of equal rights (including suffrage) in the US as a consequence of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 60s were all-encompassing and non-negotiable This movement witnessed the emergence of a full spectrum of leaders espousing various ideologies — from the Gandhian Martin Luther King Jr to the militant Black Panther Party Slavery and segregation-based oppression caused untold damage to the country reverberations of which can be felt even today However strong affirmative action and political and legislative reinforcement of equal rights led the US to elect its first black president who was in power for two consecutive terms I do believe that the US has been able to realise its potential of being a free and equal country not just in terms of tackling prejudice and bias in individual interactions but also in terms of how institutions function Clearly simply passing laws is not enough— they must percolate to alter the character of institutions the police political parties bureaucrats and the like to make them inclusive and unbiased The turning point where laws are transformed into real change is strong leadership While it is imperative that we have adequate representation of minority communities in positions of power leaders don’t have to be Muslim or Dalit to espouse their cause Perhaps a true sign of democracy and progress would be a nationwide Hindu leader championing equality and rights for Muslims or a Brahmin leader fighting to abolish the caste system This kind of leadership must be credible and it has to maintain a fine balance between being political in certain issues and apolitical with regard to others Leadership doesn’t have to be a person— it can simply be an idea Most importantly for leadership to be truly effective it must come from a diverse spectrum of individuals and communities For instance when Marlon Brando won the Oscar for his performance in The Godfather he sent Sacheen Littlefeather an American actress anda civil rights activist for native Americans o decline the award and make a speech as a protest against the representation of aboriginals in popular culture and their treatment by the film industry?" Listen to the full conversation at MTV. host Josh Horowitz asked Ridley for her opinion on the backlash and whether she believes Rey fits the mold of the stereotypical characterization. 2017 Naqvi was answering Congress MP Madhusudhan Mistry during Zero Hour after he alleged that there had been a "complete breakdown of law and order" in Rajasthan as "a gang of gau rakshaks (cow vigilantes)" stopped a truck carrying cattle and mercilessly thrashed four of its occupants after letting off the "Hindu" truck driver. The new findings don’t particularly help disaster planners, a retired mechanic and self-described "tinkerer, visit egfheritage.

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