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And to inspire other Iranians outside to go back and help. The National Weather Service predicted tornado activity last week when data from satellite imagery.” Dustin said. Mark Peterson—Redux for TIME Rick Santorum takes a selfie with a supporter at CPAC in National Harbor, Md. on Feb 26 2015 Mark Peterson—Redux for TIME 1 of 22 Advertisement One reason for the change at CPAC is the broader changes in public opinion According to a Gallup poll taken in May last year 55% of Americans believe same-sex marriage should be legal with just 42% opposing Thats a complete reversal of public opinion from 2004 when just 42% supported gay marriage and 55% opposed Gay marriage was once a rallying cry for conservatives at CPAC much as it was on the national stage In 2006 then-Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist vowed at CPAC to pass a constitutional ban of gay marriage Anti-gay marriage displays were much more common in previous years such as one by the Traditional Values coalition in 2004 which featured a woman dressed as a bride serving wedding cake Traditional Values’ chairman a prominent conservative said at the conference that year "Babylon is symbolic of promiscuity hedonism and homosexuality” according to a report in Salon at the time Former Florida Gov Jeb Bush whose emerging presidential campaign has attracted moderate voices on gay marriage appeared reluctant to speak about the topic just days hiring as his director of communications the strategist Tim Miller who is gay Hannity asked Bush whether his views on the issue have changed "I believe in traditional marriage" Bush said curtly without elaborating It was a contrast even with CPAC in 2014 when former Pennsylvania Sen Rick Santorum reached out to evangelicals saying "I want to talk about reclaiming marriage as a good for society and celebrating how important it is for our economy" This year Santorum devoted his speech to ISIS and foreign policy Young attendees at CPAC largely expressed support for gay marriage One young attendee and activist Drew Constable was adamant "Any two consenting adults should be able to marry" Constable said Contact us at [email protected] Astroturfing is not the latest teen craze John Oliver explained on Sunday nights episode of Last Week Tonight While it sounds like something teens would do once they moved on from eating Tide Pods astroturfing is when corporations or organization try to make it seem as though whatever they are selling is part of a grassroots movement For example when a seeming small group calling themselves Americans Against Food Taxes run a national ad campaign against a potential beverage tax It’s not paid for by a small grassroots movement of concerned citizens but a large beverage conglomerate lobbying against a soda tax that could cut into their profits According to Oliver in the wake of US Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United astroturfing is becoming increasing common Like a national wetlands organization funded by real estate developers and oil companies and a seeming restaurant worker group campaigning against minimum wage increase "Its pure straight up opposite world" said Oliver "Its like if this show was called Funnytime Happy Hour with Chuckle-Hunk John Oliver Its just demonstrably false" Some astroturfing experts work with many special interest groups creating nonprofit shell companies of sorts to ensure that their ties to the fake grassroots campaigns can be kept secret "Astroturfing is more than just funneling money through nonprofit front groups" explains Oliver before laying out how these groups find so-called experts to swear by questionable findings occasionally making up facts to support their cases Per Oliver though one of "the most infuriating tools" of astroturfing is the use of paid protestors These paid protestors show up at places like town hall meetings masquerading as concerned citizens and reciting lines fed to them by special interest groups " According to Oliver the existence of these paid protestors is now a common theme on conspiracy message boards feeding into the notion of crisis actors and the like "That is hugely dangerous" said Oliver "The outcome of this cannot be that everyone assumes that anyone who doesnt agree with them is astroturf" To fight fake fire with fake fire Oliver put together an ad claiming that astroturfers are responsible for shark attacks the death of bees puppies and even babies or not Contact us at [email protected] Katy Perry, In a five-minute video called "The Dream Still Lives, President Trump tweeted at them, & fast. but are technically private property.

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