(Updated)The funeral service for three RCMP officers killed in the line of duty in Moncton, New Brunswick brought a country together, to share its grief, this afternoon. Constables Fabrice Gevaudan, Doug Larche, and Dave Ross — responded to a report of a man with a gun last Wednesday — and were shot and killed upon their arrival at the scene. Tuesday’s funeral service drew thousands, to remember their lives — and mourn their tragic deaths.It was an ocean, of grief. A red sea whose roar was not of waves upon the shore — but of thousands of heart-heavy boots, marching toward a reluctant farewell. Rank after rank of brothers and sisters in service — from across the continent. The murders of Fabrice Gevaudan, Douglas Larche, and David Ross … brought a nation to mourn.Ordinary citizens, offering comfort and thanks, to those who remained on duty. Living symbols of the service given, and the extraordinary sacrifice, made by ordinary men.There was a mournful reminder, of the uncertainty of life.And a hopeful acknowledgment, in the joy of life.In his remarks to the enormous crowd — Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that the murders of sworn police officers, committed to duty — proved the opposite of everything that it intended:And in that embrace — to the families of the fallen officers — to those who lost so much — there can only be hope of comfort, support, and a healing yet to come.And as the families of the slain officers continue to mourn — the RCMP, will now turn to the process of completing its investigation into the shootings, and preparing the court case, against 24-year old Justin Bourque. read more