first_imgMassimiliano Allegri broke his silence in L’Equipe taking advantage of the arrival at the bookshelves of his bookstores, his new book, Winning is simple.. The Italian acknowledges that he wants to return to the benches in September and talks about the last great player he trained, Cristiano Ronaldo. The one of Livorno lowers its importance with respect to Juventus but also emphasizes its enormous ambition. “Cristiano is not stronger than Juventus,” he said. In addition, he revealed that he is already working on looking for a new bench for June although he still does not know which one. Cristiano Ronaldo: “It is an incredible example at the mental level. He has won five Golden Balls and five Champions, a lot of money … What motivation do you have? Well, he manages to set goals. The difference between winning and losing is that to win you have to sacrifice and be able to work. “How to win the Champions League: “You need luck and also create the necessary conditions during the season to arrive optimally, physically and mentally. Lay the groundwork from the beginning.” Immutable coaches and principles: “I think a coach should give a good organization and then leave the players free to create and enjoy. The numbers do not determine a result. The numbers must be read throughout the game. If you go 2-0 and leave the ball to your rival, with sense, they tell you: “Ah, you did not have the possession.” But, it was my decision. What is the problem? I think the most beautiful goals are to counterattack but, possession is important to handle a game. If you play against a team that puts 10 men in your field, you will have it, but what is your merit? These are numbers that you have to interpret. Then, it is true that everyone likes to have possession. “The exception of Atlético and Manchester City: “Atlético is an exception for the characteristics of its players. Look at Guardiola. At Barça, his philosophy was to have the ball and react with a strong pressure after loss and then keep it. Manchester City plays a different kind of football because Pep knows the characteristics of his players. That Barça is unrepeatable. It is not a normal football. We wanted to copy something that did not exist. They had Messi, a player who can haggle eight rivals. “How to attack: “All the coaches want to attack in the opposite field. Everyone has the right to choose in what way they prefer to do it. Barça used to play without a forward and nobody ever played like that but, with Pep, in Bayern if they played with a striker because he took into consideration the DNA of the club. “Importance of template management: “You organize the team but it’s the players who win. I’ve never seen a coach score a goal from the bench. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t work all week but the schemes don’t win the games. Our job is to put the players in the best possible state. It doesn’t just depend on the field, also the relationship you have with them and understand your team. “Changes: “Two things have changed football. The first, television rights, which have brought more competition. Now, each Premier team can buy a player for 50 million euros. The second, when we do not allow the goalkeeper to receive the hands of a player of his team. 15 minutes from the end, the matches can change because you are tired and we no longer play with eleven players, but with 14 “.A good coach: “The best coach is the one who harms his team the least during the game. From Monday to Friday you do a job and on Sunday, another. There, you face the unexpected. A coach has to feel the moment and the good ones are the who find the solutions before their rival. You don’t have time to think, you have to feel it. “ PSG options: “This season, the Champions League seems very open to me. I don’t see any favorites because there isn’t a team as dominant as Real Madrid three years ago. Some greats may already fall in these eighths. We will see the quarterfinals. I don’t see any favorites but the PSG is among them, sure. “Leonardo: “He hasn’t called me lately. I’m out, resting, enjoying my family. I watch some games to see if I’m still lucid but I didn’t see Dortmund-PSG. In June I hope to find a new club. I’ll get used to being on vacation and I won’t want to go back to work! I want to work next season, but I still don’t know where. We’ll see. “last_img read more