first_img The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency has notified the U.S. Congress of a military sale to the Government of Ecuador corresponding to a contract for the modernization of two SH-2G helicopters, together with equipment, parts, training, and logistical support, for an estimated total of $60 million. The Ecuadorean Government sought the material for the refurbishment of the two SH-2G aircraft, declared excess defense articles and therefore eligible to be sold to other countries under current U.S. security policy and foreign policy. The sale operation will improve Ecuador’s capacity to confront current and future anti-ship threats. The helicopters have the capacity for anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, search-and-rescue, and logistical support missions for the Ecuadorean Navy. The SH-2Gs will put Ecuador’s capabilities into play when participating in multinational maritime operations with the U.S. Navy, intensifying the South American country’s control of its own territory and exclusive economic zone and reducing its dependence on the United States in emergency situations. By Dialogo October 06, 2011 I think it’s good to modernize this equipment since unfortunately our country and most of its leaders care little about new or modernized deterrence material, we could almost say there is no action with regard to this subject, even the delivery of resources to maintain the equipment. It doesn’t matter to them how valuable our compatriots are who risk their lives fulfilling their duty.last_img