first_imgIstra Inspirit, one of the best tourist stories in Croatia, is entering its seventh season this year, and this year it will be richer for another tourist story and a new experience – the Legend of the Trnoplesars that takes visitors back to Pićan from late antiquity.Istra Inspirit will on Sunday, June 3.06.2018, 6. as part of the event Petivina and the Day of the People of Pićan in Pićan, revive a unique legend from the time of late antiquity through an interactive experience called ‘The Legend of the Trnoplesars’. Thus, the Municipality of Pićan goes back to the XNUMXth century when the Diocese of Pićan was founded under the leadership of St. Nicephorus, and the revival of the old town will show the rich intangible cultural heritage of that time – customs, clothing, food that was characteristic of that historical period.The central event, as part of which Istra Inspirit will stage a legend about thorns dancers and the miraculous journey of St. Nicephorus to Rome, will begin at 20.30 pm at the entrance to the old town of Pićan. From 19 pm, visitors will be able to enjoy a unique gastronomic program and will be able to taste the traditional food of this area – peony rafioli and late antique dish, while the youngest visitors will enjoy a fun themed corner.And the locals are becoming part of the story     The majority of the inhabitants of the Municipality of Pićan, the Association of Pićans ‘Trnoplesari’, O.Š. are involved in creating an experience inspired by the legend of the Trnoplesars and Saint Nicephorus. ‘Vladimir Nazor’ – Podpićan and local craftsmen and family farms.In addition to numerous Istra Inspirit performers (Denis Brižić, Luka Barešić, Šandor Slacki, Ivona Bulešić, Dejan Gotal, Sedina Cerovac, Zoja Poropat, Jasna Petković) who will stage the legend under the direction of Petra B. Blašković, the program will include 50 extras, representatives of the local community who participated in creating the concept of this event from the very beginning and gave their selfless contribution to the revival of this legend. Also, in cooperation with a local manufacturer of olive wood items, a local souvenir was designed, thematically related to the legend of the thorn dancers.Photo: Istra Inspirit / Mateo GoboThe legend of the thorns             In this story, St. Nicephorus appears in the role of an elderly bishop, who lived in poverty with his nieces, with whom he shared a bed on cold days. His opponents slandered him before the Pope for living in sin with his nieces, and invited him to Rome to justify himself before the supreme head of the church. On his way, he cursed his opponents with the words: “Let them dance barefoot on the thorns until they repent”, from which the expression trnoplesari. In any case, St. Nicephorus set out on a journey with his donkey, which was slaughtered by a wolf after the kilometers traveled, which Nicephorus forced to carry instead of the slaughtered animal. In several places where the kings were arid, the saint struck the ground with a stick and living springs of water were created, and when he reached Koper, he put his coat on the surface of the sea, and thus came to the western side of the Adriatic. When he stood before the Pope in Rome, he hung his wet coat in the sun to dry, and the coat remained hanging in the air. Seeing this, the pope removed all curses and restored all honors to Nicephorus.      “To dance barefoot on thorns!” Is a sentence uttered by St. Nicephorus before his miraculous trip to Rome, and what exactly it means for the history of Pićanci and why the nickname ‘trnoplesari’ is still used today, will be found out by all who trips to Pićan and together with Istra Inspirit and Pićanci will be part of an interactive theatrical walk through the narrow streets of the old town as part of which they will have the opportunity to learn about the old crafts of this area and try the ‘Nicephorus snack’. The message that can be drawn from the creation of the whole project is that the strong influence of the legend from the 6th century has lasted until today and the desire of the locals to revive the unique story and Pićan intangible cultural heritage resulted in a new Istra Inspirit experience. The actors will perform in the Istrian dialect with a touch of the Pico dialect.Istra Inspirit is a multi-award winning experience tourism project that enriches the cultural and tourist offer of the peninsula by reviving historical events in authentic locations, through staged Istrian legends and myths. Istra Inspirit has been telling its stories since 2012, and today they tell their stories all over Istria through 13 experiences. Definitely storytelling in the right sense.last_img