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He further stated that Jonathan’s led federal government anti-corruption credential was cosmetics, Minn. said Danika was excited"Just the feeling it gave her Powerful independent cool" Cyndi saidBut between then and this spring she rode fewer than a dozen times and that inexperience ended up costing the 26-year-old from West Fargo her lifeIt also led her family to make a powerful but tragic connection with an Iraq war veteran — the man driving the truck she struckA false confidenceCyndi said Danika took her first long ride only one day before the accident Monday April 3"I think she was very nervous" Cyndi said after speaking with a friend who rode with herBut Cyndi thinks her daughter found a false sense of confidence Despite being warned by her parents to stay off the interstate Danika hopped on her bike the next afternoon and tried to merge on I-94 from the 25th Street ramp in FargoShe hit the back tire of a flatbed semi and was thrown from the bike suffering grave injuries including severe head trauma Eight days later she was taken off life support at a Minneapolis hospital surrounded by family"She went peacefully and honestly if we knew on Monday the day of the accident we would never have put her through that pain" Cyndi saidBefore Danika died Cyndi reached out to the semi driver 31-year-old Jake Jennerman of Weston WiscShe assured him he didn’t cause the crash and that the family didn’t want him to feel guilty The call was a soothing salve on an open wound and the start of healing for both"I can’t even put words to it" said Jennerman an Iraq War veteran "It hurt but at the same time it hurt in a good way"In a split secondJennerman remembers everything that happened that warm afternoon as he drove through Fargo on his way to deliver a load to Washington state His flatbed semi was in the right lane of the interstate when he noticed a motorcycle coming down the ramp to his right A longtime rider himself he said he pays attention to bikesHis attention then turned to a pickup hauling a trailer next to him to be sure it was in its laneIn a split second it happened"I felt and heard a thump" Jennerman saidHe immediately checked his mirror to see the bike and its driver cartwheeling through the airJennerman stopped his semi as quickly as he could coming to rest a quarter mile down the road and immediately called 911 An ambulance arrived before he was even off the phone He saw that several drivers had stopped to tend to the fallen rider so he remained in his semi to wait for law enforcementIn hindsight Jennerman could tell Danika was a rookie rider in the instant he saw her on the ramp"She came down too fast and with her limited riding experience that pushed her to the outside of the curve" he saidWhere the ramp and the semi’s lane came together there was nowhere to goDanika suffered breaks to her pelvis tailbone shoulders arm and had two broken femurs Her left leg was "degloved" from thigh to calf a medical term for when a traumatic force pulls skin away from the underlying tissueAt Essentia Health in Fargo before Danika was flown to Hennepin County Medical Center a flight nurse said Danika needed a tourniquet because of the bleeding Cyndi pleaded with the nurse to save her daughter’s leg"The nurse grabbed a hold of me and said "We gotta save HER" Cyndi saidAs a woman who loved to dance the family was most concerned about Danika’s legs The worst injury however was to her brainShe’d been wearing a helmet but it came off from the impact with the chinstrap still fastenedAt 5 foot 9 inches and only 105 pounds Danika was a slight woman; and the helmet she was wearing was a size medium — too big for her according to her motherDespite all of her injuries and pain Danika did respond to verbal stimuli in the early days after the crashThe ‘other driver’Sometime after pulling into Washington Jennerman received a phone call from a Minnesota number he didn’t recognize It was Cyndi letting him know that the family in no way held him responsible for the crash Jennerman was devastated to hear the extent of Danika’s injuriesOn his return trip home he met with Cyndi and her husband Ken in Fargo to put together the puzzle pieces of what had happenedThe next day Cyndi let Jennerman know Danika’s neurological tests had worsened that her pupils were no longer reacting to light properly He decided not to drive home to Wisconsin against his employer’s wishes and parked his flatbed at a truck stop outside the Twin Cities He had a friend drive him to the hospitalDanika’s family wanted Jennerman to see her"They brought me into her room I held Danika’s hand and I collapsed on the floor next to her bed" he saidHe gave the family a bracelet he’d worn through two tours of duty in Iraq and they placed it on Danika’s wrist Jennerman’s wife and friend also joined him at the hospitalOne of the nurses told Cyndi that in all her years on the job she’s never seen the "other driver" in a crash show upFor both families that was the only way it should be"There was so much potential for all of these negative feelings to explode and the exact opposite happened" Jennerman saidBringing people togetherCyndi said Danika was a shy awkward kid who was teased a lot in school and used that to empower others"She was just for the underdog all the time" Cyndi saidDanika had three sisters and four brothers and was a champion for her youngest sister Zoe who has epilepsy For a time she was a certified nursing assistant working with dementia patients before deciding to pursue a psychology degree at North Dakota State UniversityCyndi said Danika chose that path because she used to be a "cutter" causing self harm as a teenager But she worked through her problems and decided she wanted to reach out to others"She was never judgemental I could talk to her about everything" Cyndi saidA celebration of life will be held in Hendrum on Saturday April 22 Jennerman and his family will attend and be guests in Cyndi and Ken’s home over the weekend Danika had a way of bringing people together even in death her mother saidDanika’s ashes will be spread in a mountainous area of Colorado and a memorial ride may be held sometime down the roadIn the short term Cyndi implores riders to wear a helmet and protective clothing to know their limits and for vehicle drivers to be on the lookout for bikes"I never want to say my daughter was to blame but I think it was her adventurous free spirit She just took it a little too far" Cyndi saidOn Wednesday Facebook announced a major change to its sign-in button which lets you use your Facebook credentials to log into other apps and websites Instead of allowing developers to help themselves to your personal data Facebook will let users decide what data if any to share You’ll even be able to sign in through Facebook anonymously so the app or website knows nothing about you In making this change Facebook is making a bigger commitment to saving us from password hell If Facebook can get users to realize that they don’t have to share any data with other apps people might actually use the big blue “sign in with Facebook” button instead of creating yet another username and password Currently signing in with Facebook is kind of scary Here’s what happens for instance when you try to connect Spotify to your Facebook account: By default it’s asking to share your activity with friends and access a bunch of personal data You can make your activity private but there’s nothing you can do about the data And this type of disclaimer comes up with every new sign-in Even if you don’t mind sharing your musical tastes with friends on Spotify the message is clear: When you sign in with Facebook you’re always sharing something That big blue button becomes a turn-off so instead of using it for new apps or sites you end up creating more usernames and passwords Or more realistically you reuse the same credentials you’ve used everywhere else giving yourself one more password to change the next time a site gets hacked Facebook recognizes that its push to make everything social has scared people away “When we were a smaller company Facebook login was widely adopted and the growth rate for it has been quite quick” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told Wired “But in order to get to the next level and become more ubiquitous it needs to be trusted even more” Facebook’s solution is to give users a couple of new options: If they sign in with Facebook they can now control exactly what gets shared with the app Or they can use a new “Log in Anonymously” button and share nothing In either case if you’re already signed into Facebook elsewhere on the device you don’t have to enter a username or password at all Enter Google+ Facebook wasn’t alone in its pursuit of social sign-ins Last year Google launched a similar product allowing users to click the big “Sign in with Google” button on supported apps and sites These buttons also show a logo for Google+ Google’s own social network OpenTable was one of Google’s first partners Here’s what you see when you log in with Google instead of creating a new OpenTable account: This is only marginally better than Facebook’s version Your activity is still visible to everyone by default and OpenTable still gets access to your e-mail address The only difference is that you can prevent OpenTable from seeing your friends list and basic profile info but this option is buried behind another dialog box Every time you sign into another app or site you have to deal with these options Again the message is the same: If you want to maintain some privacy you should just avoid Google+ sign-in But there are signs of change in the air Rumor has it that Google will de-emphasize Google+ as a product which could lead to a change in how sign-ins work In fact Google is now testing a more generic blue “Sign in with Google” button but only for developers As with Facebook Google may have more success with its sign-in button if it scraps the social element The Case for a Master Key In a sense tying lots of accounts to a single Facebook or Google sign-in sounds like a security nightmare because one breach could bring everything down The flip side is that by having a master key you can concentrate on making it much stronger than your average username and password thereby strengthening security across many other sites You could set a longer better password than you would on other sites or you could enable two-factor authentication which lets you authorize only specific devices to access your account Two-factor authentication is somewhat of a hassle now but could become easier with the rise of wearable technology (such as smartwatches) or biometric sensors (such as Apple’s TouchID fingerprint reader) which could provide an extra layer of authentication on top of your password Even if you don’t take these extra precautions both Facebook and Google will alert you to suspicious activity — say when a login occurs in a faraway location or when your password gets reset — and you can even choose to get these notifications by phone But the master key will only take shape if app developers get on board and if users feel comfortable with the idea Google and Facebook have enough developer influence to make the former happen and if they stop being so hell-bent on making everything social users might actually follow Contact us at editors@timecomGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel says she will join a Muslim community rally Tuesday to foster religious tolerance and stave off rising Islamaphobia in the wake of last weeks terror attacks in Paris Merkel insisted Monday that “Islam belongs to Germany” as she attempts to rein in a burgeoning right-wing German protest movement dubbed “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident” or Pegida reports AFP Pegida drew an unprecedented 25000 protesters to its 12th weekly march in Dresden on Monday though some 100000 people attended counter-demonstrations across Germany “Germany wants peaceful coexistence of Muslims and members of other religions” Merkal told a joint press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Monday The tolerance event is organized by the Central Council of Muslims in Germany with the slogan “Let’s be there for each other Terror: not in our name” [AFP] Write to Charlie Campbell at charliecampbell@timecom

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